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We strive for excellence in musculoskeletal care and health advice, drawing from our extensive experience in treating world class athletes.

About our clinic

Health Central Occupational Therapy International developed from the ideas of pioneering Occupational Therapist Lawrence Farrow. He started his clinic in Mount Hawthorn in 2003 and since then, with his dedicated team, has built an envious reputation for soft tissue therapy. Laurie has run post graduate courses in functional soft tissue medicine for more than 30 years and now speaks at conferences all around the world.

Innovation, excellence and ongoing professional education is the standard here at Health Central with each and every one of our occupational therapists sharing in the pioneering zeal of the practice.

Our Services

We strive to provide you with an exceptional quality of care across all our services, carried out by experienced and fully trained therapists.

Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy

Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation primarily of musculoskeletal disorders.

Using many of the diagnostic procedures applied in conventional medical assessment, our occupational therapists seek to restore the optimal functioning of the body and aid its intrinsic ability to heal.

Following a detailed case history and examination, treatment is based on neuromuscular, soft tissue techniques, reinforced by guidance on lifestyle, work and exercise.

On-site Health Assessments

Our Occupational Therapists perform onsite workplace health assessments to identify, prevent and resolve workplace injuries. Our assessment process can identify, remove and modify workplace tasks and processes to prevent and rehabilitate both workplace and non-workplace injuries. This evaluative process can create the optimal worker-task-environment interaction to prevent injury and improve productivity.

Comprehensive Ergonomic Assessments

Our comprehensive ergonomic assessments can identify and remove environmental and task-based risk factors to prevent and help resolve injuries. Our occupational therapists work with the employer and employee to maximise the worker-task-environment relationship to optimise occupational performance, reduce fatigue and inhibit injuries and/or pain.

Wellness Seminars

Our occupational therapists conduct seminars, professional development courses and presentations on a number of health, wellness and treatment topics for sporting clubs, companies and community groups. Some of our most successful presentations have covered topics such as corporate health and wellbeing, injury prevention for elite athletes and stretching and conditioning workshops. Our therapists can conduct these seminars for your team, company or community group at Health Central or at a venue of your choice.

Over 60 years combined experience from our occupational therapists.
You’re in good hands.

Friendly, professional and approachable staff, for a pleasant experience.

Rehabilitation and lifestyle advice to help you get back on track doing the things you love.

Safe, effective & tailored soft tissue treatments so you can regain your mobility faster.

How can we help you?

Whether you are recovering from an injury, or just wish to enhance body performance, our team is dedicated to helping you. They will listen, provide guidance and empower you towards recovery and a healthier life. Some common conditions we treat include:

  • Headaches & migraines
  • Back pain
  • Tight muscles
  • Neck pain
  • Fatigue
  • Joint aches
  • Rotator cuff problems
  • Sciatic pain
  • Arthritis & fibromyalgia
  • Sporting injuries

When your body is balanced and working efficiently, just like a well tuned engine, it will function without pain whilst minimising wear and tear. This gives you maximum energy for life.

Frequently asked questions

How early should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 5min before your appointment as our practitioners do aim to treat on time. If this is your first visit you are asked to arrive 15min early as you will be required to fill out your new patient paperwork. This helps our team get to know you a little better.

On occasion the care being provided for our patients may require a practitioner to run a little over the stated appointment time.

Where can I park?

There is parking when you drive into the practice.
Please note, to access the practice car park, you will need to enter Selby Street via Cambridge Street as there is an island in the middle of the road.
There is also parking on Newry Street.

What should I expect after my first appointment?

Damaged muscles collect waste which can act as pain producing toxins in your body. During your treatment these chemicals are released out of the soft tissues and into the blood. Your body then begins the process of removing them. As a result you may feel tired, slightly nauseous or you may experience a headache. The best way to assist your body in eliminating those toxins is by drinking a glass of water every hour.

  Note that tea and coffee can inhibit this process and dehydrate the body

Do I have to pay for my appointment on the day?

Yes, we are a pay on the day clinic. Our clinic has HICAPS for your convenience.

How many treatments will I need?

There is no simple answer to this question. The rate of recovery does differ for each individual. We would strongly recommend you follow the advice given to you by your practitioner who is the best person to tailor your treatment plan.

Can I use the clinic machines?

If you are a current client at Health Central and your Practitioner has recommended the use of the equipment, then you may use the clinic machines during any of our opening hours.

What assessments are used in soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue occupational therapists will utilise both standardised and non-standardised orthopaedic assessments to professionally and correctly diagnose a wide range of injuries, illnesses and conditions.

What treatments are involved with Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy?

Soft tissue occupational therapists implement myofascial therapy techniques which improve circulation, remove scar tissue and increase neuro-muscular function.  This therapy technique will also reduce pain and improve your strength and mobility.

Why is treatment sometimes painful?

Your soft tissues contain chemicals which are nerve sensitising substances. In treatment sessions these chemicals are released which can stimulate the nerve endings, hence the reason you may at times feel some discomfort.

How does Health Central differ to other allied health practices?

Health Central occupational therapists work in the area of soft tissue and take a more holistic approach to their treatment. They want to understand what causes the pain, what might be affecting your rate of healing and how the therapy they provide will best fit into your lifestyle. They will individually tailor your treatment plan to meet your specific health needs.

Can I refer my family, friends and colleagues to Health Central?

Health Central Occupational Therapy International is a private practice with a team of health professionals all of whom are held in high regard within the industry for their expertise in the treatment of soft tissue.

Although the benefits to be had from soft tissue occupational therapy are becoming increasingly well known within the community, it remains a relatively under-appreciated area within allied health. We are doing all we can to ensure this important area of health care continues to develop and expand into the future and we’d love your help in getting the word out.

If you think you’ve benefited from the treatments you have received and are happy with the service we’ve provided,  your recommendation to family & friends would be a much appreciated compliment

If you would like more information about Health Central and our highly trained team of occupational therapists, please feel free to have a chat with our friendly reception staff.

Privacy Policy

The Commonwealth Privacy Act incorporates 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP) that set out the rules for the handling of personal information in Australia. This practice’s privacy policy complies with the privacy legislation and the APPs.

The provision of quality health care is our principal concern. Our practitioners regard patient health information as confidential and will only collect this information with patient consent.

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