Laurie Farrow

Laurie graduated 30 years ago from W.A.I.T. now Curtin University.

Laurie’s office bearing includes past President of OT Australia WA, past and current member of the OT National Council, a current member of the Registration Board, an adjunct senior lecturer at James Cook University and part time lecturer at universities throughout the nation. Laurie conducts post graduate courses in Functional Soft Tissue Medicine which has been running since 1994, in Perth, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne and Brisbane, and is currently certificated through James Cook University in Townsville.

Laurie has spoken at many conferences worldwide and most recently spoke as guest of honor at the Singapore Malaysian OT Symposium in Langkawi and at the All India OT Conference in India. Laurie is regularly asked to speak to corporate industry in relation to optimizing executive performance and also has strong links with the corporate sector throughout Australia.

Laurie’s awards include: Occupational Therapy “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” 1994: Australian Gymnastics Association “Official of the Year” 1998: the “Australian Sports Medal” 2000 as part of the Australian Honours List. Laurie has represented Australia as treating practitioner at 8 World Championships and is currently the Managing Director of Health Central Occupational Therapy International.

Laurie has treated the elite athletic fraternity since the early 1990’s, treating professional ballet dancers and contemporary dancers, professional basketball players from the NBL and ex NBA, soccer players, gold medal Olympians in sailing, national track and field athletes, professional artistic skaters, badminton players, boxers etc.

Laurie also treats many of the professional musicians, dancers and singers who undertake concert tours to Perth.